Who are Tenth Electric?

Tenth Electric offer a gritty blend of electronic rock with powerful lyrics and guitar riffs to deliver a message of empowerment, of hope and of mental wellbeing with influences ranging from Nothing But Thieves, to Imagine Dragons and Muse.

Their new EP, Unshakable, out this Autumn, draws attention to the stigma surrounding mental health issues and conveys positive ways to combat this together. Whether it is focusing on the little things in life or taking a moment to breathe, Tenth Electric believes music is a gateway to breaking down barriers that so many of us face.  Pain doesn’t discriminate; none of us are okay all the time and we should not be afraid to talk about our issues and share the burdens.

Building on lead singer Luke Mitchell’s experience personally, spiritually, and as an advocate for vulnerable individuals, Tenth Electric want to unify people and encourage people to speak up and say ‘it’s ok to not be ok’. We are in this for each other and change is around the corner.

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“Forgive the line, but the pin has been pulled…” – Naonbot Reviews http://nanobotrock.com/singles/4154

“Imagine if the New Jersey Rocker (Bon Jovi) were to dive into a vat of Electro-rock that bores into your inner rhythm and explodes with well-balanced instrumental and synth fusion. Toss into the mix a driving, marching beat and you have Tenth Electric.”

“Its Spot on…” – Supajam


“The chorus is perfectly sing a long, and although there’s a deliberate tension in the lyrics, the effect is a lot of dark fun rather than something morbid.”

“…puts the band in a class with other genre elites like Muse or even Imagine Dragons” Metal Reviews


“…this is one band who might finally understand how to get electro rock right. With powerful riffs complimented by a striking synth line these guys are simply a lot of fun to listen to. Their punchy sound grabs my ears in a way that few (if any) other bands in their genre really can. A product of excellent songwriting and some quite clearly top notch musicians the way this band plays with dynamics is exciting and engaging.”