Back from the the first part of the Grenade tour: a very intense weekend which started off in Luke’s hometown with a fantastic gig at the Mariner’s arms: such a warm atmosphere and we had lots of fun playing to a capacity (and very dancy) crowd.

Next day at the Big Swim festival in port Isaac: we really want to thank everybody for sticking around despite the terrible weather conditions. The stage was superb and there was a fantastic energy on stage.
Thanks to Sarah for being such a great host, and we hope to be back next year.

Last gig of the monitour today in Newquay at the Fort Inn, not before having enjoyed a wonderful day of sunny beaches and incredible landscapes.

A very diverse crowd, with family and kids, young people… and even some OAPs.
People lining up for us to sign their copy of our EP is a very surreal experience: great end to the TenthElectric mini tour of Cornwall.

Now back to London, and don’t forget your free download of grenade here.


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