We are excited to announce that we’re one of six incredible artists who have been handed the Yamaha Revstar to #TestDriveRevstar over the next six months to help influence and supercharge the electric guitar market.

Over the coming months we will be taking the Yamaha RS – 820CR with us on the road, so say hello!! It has already made an appearance at Luke’s wedding (Main Pic)

We were fortunate to spend the day at Yamaha headquarters to shoot our song Hell and High Water in their amazing live studio. Check out Mose Tronci at his best on the Revstar.

Here is a Mose’s take on his new baby RS-820CR.

“When I walked in and saw all the guitars on the wall it was like a dream come true. I specifically liked the simplicity of the RS-820CR, it’s a beautiful guitar. It’s all about the tone. The neck of the guitar felt right immediately.

They’ve really done a great job in getting a tone that is very distinctive and you can switch from a tone that is more melodic to a hard rock sound. Playing the live show was incredible, great energy!”

In the Autumn all six artists will be coming together for a unique gig at prestigious London record shop and music venue Rough Trade East that has entered into an innovative and far-reaching musical partnership with Yamaha.

Check out the other  artists on the Revstar journey:

Ellie Rose Dutch Uncles The Mantells The Navettes Belle Roscoe

Mose's New Yamaha Rester Guitar!

"Absolutely Beautiful!" – and the guitar's not bad either!So the lovely people over at Yamaha Guitars have given us their new Revstar Guitar.We're going to be road testing this little beaut out at gigs and festivals this summer, so watch out for it!#yamahaRevstar #yamahaguitars #testdriverevstar #guitar #guitarist

Posted by Tenth Electric on Montag, 15. Mai 2017

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